Marta Shoman, M.A., C.N.A.
Providing Support and Assistance for Geriatric and Home-Bound Loved Ones

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…"Be gentle and nurture. Listen…
As we experience and accept
All that we really are…
We grow in care" …
- Excerpt from Anne Hillman

As a home-care manager and care-provider for home-bound and elder people, I offer:

• Care Team Coordinator for family, client and caregivers

• Assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADL's) includes assisting clients with their personal activities of bathing and hygiene, dressing, cooking, feeding, shopping and exercise.

• Ongoing Care Monitoring includes liaison with the medical/social service professions and family; driving/attending doctor visits with client; monitoring medication use and refills.

• Aging in place with mindful care supports the client in their home or home-like environment as they transition through developmental and physical changes.

• Advocacy for loved-ones and their families

I bring to care-giving a holistic, creative and compassionate presence. Life situations that I have worked with include assisting people who face Parkinson’s Disease, Dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis. I can provide companion care, home-cooked meals, travel assistance and medical/hospice interface. I can participate in the End-of-Life Transition as a sacred process. Currently, I am a volunteer with the Crestone End of Life Project (CEOLP) and a volunteer board member for Informed Final Choices (IFC).
My commitment to those who seek home-care is to offer my full presence, heart and humor combined with skillful action. The wishes of the one in need of care may differ from the desires of the family and friends who act from deep concern and love. I am available as a guide for gentle communication between all parties involved.

Home Health Care Testimonials
“I have known Marta Shoman for many years, and recently in her capacity as a home care specialist. She has come to us to help care for my wife who has a progressive degenerative neurological condition that requires considerable attentive care and attention. We have experienced Marta as a very caring and competent care giver. She has had a sensitive and sincere connection with my wife, and knowing her, I am sure she is that way with all she serves. I can recommend her in this area of service without reservation.”

- Vincent G. Palermo M.D., Crestone, Colorado

“Marta is kind, compassionate, even keeled and very supportive not just of my mother but of myself and the rest of our family. She takes a holistic approach to care, thoughtful of essential elements surrounding my mother's illness that might never have crossed my mind. She is resourceful and takes care of finding all the answers before I need to ask her. I feel so relieved to have Marta's presence in my mother's life when I can't be near (or even when I can), she is both delightful and capable and inspires trust and confidence in everyone she meets.”

- M. Kent, adult daughter of parent with Alzheimer's Disease, Denver, Colorado

“I met Marta Shoman in 1997 and had many opportunities to observe her in public situations where she was in charge and she always held to grace and cheerfulness. I have recently used her home care services wherein she was very focused, worked hard, thoroughly and took direction very well. Marta has many assets.”

- Kelsey Hauck, Saguache, Colorado

“Marta is a very professional and kind care-giver. She works to understand what is needed for her clients and then meets those needs.”

- R. Rouse, R.N. and Director of a Geriatric Care Service, Boulder, Colorado

“My Mother was a well-educated individual, and to put it bluntly, did not suffer fools. She appreciated and enjoyed Ms. Shoman’s ability to converse with her about the subjects she most valued. It was in this regard that Ms. Shoman’s great patience and compassion were most apparent.”

- M. Susens, Adult Daughter of Nonagenarian Mother, San Francisco, California


A brief sketch of Marta
photo of Marta Shoman and Will,  the SteadfastMy perspective on engaging with people is shaped by a life lived on both coasts of the U.S., the Rocky Mountain states and in Western Europe. I earned my Masters of Arts degree in Contemplative Psychotherapy from the Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado in 1989.

I have worked for three decades with elders and home-bound people to create a healthy, contemplative environment. In addition to providing professional care to others, I have worked in the fields of education and non-profit management. I have a deep connection with animals and live with Will, the Steadfast, a chocolate Standard Poodle.


Colorado DORA CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) # 743047

Certification by Alzheimer’s Association in: “essentialALZ”® and
“essentialALZ Plus Dementia Advanced Care”® 2014

Serving Colorado’s San Luis Valley and the Northern Front Range.

Email:  Mobile: 719-937-1292

Providing Support and Assistance for Geriatric and Home-Bound Loved Ones